• Oneida India unveils the Oneida Warrior statue to commemorate the Oneida hosting site

    Rome, New York (WSYR-TV)-The Oneida Indian Nation and officials from the City of Rome and Oneida County unveiled a bronze sculpture at 301 West Dominic Street, Rome. This work is a life-size bronze sculpture of a Oneida warrior with three bronze plates in the background. The sculpture is to comme...
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  • Historical discovery revives wild theories of an alien civilisation in ancient China, but experts say no way

    A major discovery of a gold mask alongside a treasure trove of artefacts at a Bronze Age site in China has generated online debate about whether there were once aliens in China thousands of years ago. The gold mask, possibly worn by a priest, along with more than 500 artefacts in Sanxing...
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  • Bronze Horse Head Looted During China’s ‘Century of Humiliation’ Returned to Beijing

    A bronze horse’s head on display in the Old Summer Palace on December 1, 2020 in Beijing. VCG/VCG via Getty Images Lately, there’s been a global shift wherein art that was stolen in the course of imperialism has been returned to its rightful country, as a means of repairing the historical wou...
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  • The eternal contradiction between bondage and freedom-Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese Appreciation of wall-mounted figure sculptures

    What is freedom? Perhaps everyone has different views, even in different academic fields, the definition is different, but the yearning for freedom is our innate nature. Regarding this point, the Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese gave us a perfect interpretation with his sculptures. Extra Moenia ...
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    TV broadcast fuels interest in numerous artifacts Rising numbers of visitors are heading to Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, Sichuan province, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Luo Shan, a young receptionist at the venue, is frequently asked by early-morning arrivals why they cannot find a guard to s...
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  • New findings unveiled at legendary Sanxingdui Ruins

    Six “sacrificial pits”, dating back 3,200 to 4,000 years, were newly discovered in Sanxingdui Ruins site in Guanghan, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, as per a news conference on Saturday. Over 500 artifacts, including gold masks, bronzewares, ivories, jades, and textiles, w...
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  • 8 stunning sculptures to see in Dubai

    From steel flowers to giant calligraphy structures, here are some unique offerings   1 of 9 If you are an art lover, you can see it in your neighborhood in Dubai. Head down with friends so that someone can take pics for your gram.Image Credit: Insta/artemaar 2 of 9 Win, Victory, ...
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  • Explore China’s first desert sculpture museum with gigantic creations

    Imagine you’re driving through a desert when suddenly larger-than-life sculptures start popping up out of nowhere. China’s first desert sculpture museum can offer you such an experience. Scattered in a vast desert in northwest China, 102 pieces of sculptures, created by artisans from...
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  • Which of the 20 urban sculptures is more creative?

    Every city has its own public art, and urban sculptures in crowded buildings, in empty lawns and street parks, give the urban landscape a buffer and balance in crowdedness. Do you know that these 20 city ​​sculptures may be useful if you collect them in the future. The sculptures of “ Pow...
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  • How many do you know about the 10 most famous sculptures in the world?

    How many of these 10 sculptures do you know in the world ?In three dimensions, sculpture (Sculptures) have a long history and tradition and rich artistic retention. Marble, bronze, wood and other materials are carved, carved, and sculpted to create visual and tangible artistic images with a cer...
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  • UK protesters pull down statue of 17th-century slave trader in Bristol

    UK protesters pull down statue of 17th-century slave trader in Bristol

    LONDON – A statue of a 17th-century slave trader in the southern British city of Bristol was pulled down by “Black Lives Matter” protesters on Sunday. Footage on social media showed demonstrators tearing the figure of Edward Colston from its plinth during protests in the city c...
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  • After racial protests, statues toppled in US

    After racial protests, statues toppled in US

    Across the United States, statues of Confederate leaders and other historical figures linked to slavery and the killing of native Americans are being torn down, defaced, destroyed, relocated or removed following protests related to the death of George Floyd, a black man, in police custody on May ...
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